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  • prstudio
    10-13 06:46 PM
    bro put a watermark on that template yo :)

    I have a medical template that I never used. I figured someone here may have use for it.

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  • Macaca
    12-12 10:27 AM
    Pelosi vows more civil approach � next year ( By Jim VandeHei and John F. Harris | The Politico, Dec 12, 2007

    Across the ideological spectrum, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has dashed expectations.

    On the right, the hope was that Pelosi would be the tallest lightning rod in Washington � playing to type as a �San Francisco liberal� and handing the Republican minority all manner of ideological openings to exploit. For the most part, that has not happened.

    On the left, the hope was that Pelosi would lead the newly empowered Democrats to hijack President Bush�s agenda on the issue that matters most to party activists � ending the Iraq war.

    To Pelosi�s regret, that has not happened either.

    Appraisals of Pelosi�s first year revolve around these fallen hopes and come with still another surprise: For all her history-making status as the first woman to run the House, Pelosi has emerged as a fairly conventional leader.

    This is partly to her credit.

    She has run a highly disciplined operation, keeping a potentially fractious caucus unified on tough issues.

    And she has restrained some of her own instincts representing one of the nation�s most liberal districts.

    With a couple of prominent exceptions, she has not handed Republicans opportunities to exploit impolitic statements or legislative maneuvers.

    But conventionality has come at a steep cost.

    Few members of either party, when speaking privately, argue that what Congress needs most is a change of party with a continuation of the highly partisan status quo.

    In many ways, that�s what Pelosi represents.

    Democrats bridled at being marginalized under 12 years of Republican rule, but Pelosi has treated turnabout as fair play.

    Bending a promise made to voters in the last election, the speaker has shut Republicans out of many debates by limiting their ability to offer alternative ideas on the House floor and made only modest attempts to engage Republicans on many issues, notably Iraq.

    This represents a probably accurate calculation about what�s necessary to keep her own party cohesive.

    But polarized government has also thwarted some of Pelosi�s own objectives.

    The first of those is forcing Bush to end the war. �All of the good things that we did, which were, I mean, astounding � are eclipsed by the war in Iraq,� she said in a Politico interview.

    She added that she has been surprised by Democrats� inability to peel off GOP dissenters.

    �If I had to say one thing that I would have appraised differently � it would have been that I would not have expected the Republicans in Congress to stick with the president on this war this long,� she said. �Not from their personal statements to us privately or the public mood in their own districts.�

    The inability to resolve the Iraq debate or tackle the other most pressing issues is one reason the number of people saying they disapprove of the performance of Congress � at 70 percent in some recent surveys � has risen 15 to 20 points or more since the start of the year.

    Pelosi acknowledged she and her leadership team could have done better at managing expectations.

    �Maybe we should have been thinking about how we were communicating with the public more,� she said. �Maybe I should have from the start just established what we were doing instead of having to be responsive to the press about �somebody said this, they thought you were doing that,� because this place is a total rumor mill.�

    Even so, Pelosi made clear that she is fine with drawing sharp, partisan lines when necessary.

    �I certainly want my speakership to be distinguished by a level of civility and bipartisanship when that�s possible,� she said. �That is what I hope to do in this next year, I really do.�

    But as for this year? �I had a job to get done this year,� she said. �I had a decision to make; I had to remove obstacles to getting a job done.�

    She got it done, at times.

    Early in the session, Democrats moved their �six for �06� package promised in the previous election. That included raising the minimum wage, enacting homeland security upgrades and reducing student loan rates.

    They also helped their members by pushing for more spending on children�s health care, a political no-brainer for many members, and demanding that Congress offset the cost of new spending with spending cuts or revenue increases elsewhere.

    Along the way, the elegantly styled speaker, a grandmother of seven, proved herself a steel magnolia � a self-confident leader who projected strength in a way that caused powerful subordinates to defer to her.

    Even Vice President Cheney complimented (in a distinctly backhanded way) her leadership, noting he was surprised that such old Democratic bulls of the House as Reps. John P. Murtha of Pennsylvania and John Dingell of Michigan seem to follow her lead.

    �They are not carrying the big sticks I would have expected,� Cheney told Politico.

    �There�s a woman who runs that place with an iron hand,� Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid told Politico in an interview. �I am sure that some people are a little disappointed [that] this diminutive, very attractive woman is bowling people over � men and women.�

    Pelosi has succeeded in part by having her own team of old bulls, such as Rep. George Miller of California, and younger bulls, such as Rep. Rahm Emanuel of Illinois, on her team.

    What is sometimes called a weakness � a penchant for micromanaging, for instance � has helped tighten her grip and enhance her standing.

    She has muffed up on a few high-profile occasions. A trip to Syria earlier this year was ridiculed by Republicans as clumsy, freelance diplomacy.

    She was forced by her Democratic colleagues to quit pushing for the Armenian genocide resolution because it was clearly complicating U.S. relations with Turkey.

    The final verdict on her handling of the Iraq debate awaits the year ahead � whether Democrats can either force a change in policy or make Republicans pay a heavy price in the 2008 elections.

    For now, the best grade Pelosi can get is incomplete: Democrats have had no substantive success in changing policy.

    One what-if echoes. Some members say Democrats missed a golden opportunity early in the summer to find compromise and split Republicans from Bush, laying the groundwork for limits on the military operation.

    Pelosi instead pursued an unyielding approach that turned off even the war skeptics inside the GOP.

    In a sign of the pressures Pelosi is under, however, it is the anti-war liberals in her own party who offer the harshest assessment of the Pelosi reign so far.

    �When you look back at this year, it will be defined as the year of lost opportunities,� said Ohio Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich, a long-shot presidential candidate. �This was the time to use the power of the majority to chart a new direction. So far it�s been � not only a missed opportunity but a failure.�

    California Rep. Lynn Woolsey added: �I personally don�t think [the strategy] worked. As a result, everything we�ve done on student loans, minimum wage, the six in �06 agenda gets lost.�

    By one standard, however, Pelosi can look back on 2007 as a clear success. Her party is as well-organized, and her own position within it more secure, at year�s end compared with year�s start.

    �I am not going to let one issue blow up this caucus,� she said. �We always strive for unity.�

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  • cheesy_x
    08-20 07:45 PM

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    -Web Development (Html, Javascript,Flash)
    -will do flash headers/banners
    -Simple sites incorporating any of the above (5 pages base)

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  • adibhatla
    10-02 05:50 PM
    Hello fellow IV'ans.....

    Based on the volume trend shown in the USCIS website I called them and wanted to know whether my case has been pre-adjudicated or not?

    Obviously I got the standard answer from the customer service saying the case is pending, I pressed on the fact that I needed to know (based on their website's information) whether the case is pre-adjudicated or not.

    The customer Service rep. then forwarded the call to the National Service Center where an officer picked up the call and said "as of September, 02 2009 the case is in the Pre-Decision Unit and that they will decide on the case, but still at TSC.

    I am a little confused :confused: coz haven't heard anything, anywhere, anyone talking about case being in the Pre-Decision stage. Your esteemed thoughts please....


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  • Cute Hairstyles For Going Out.

  • Jorajapbak
    08-09 07:23 PM
    HI!! I'm Aj ( more like Ahmet Jorayev). I was a student at the Georgia Military College. Unfortunately, due to lack of my personal funds, i lost my position of a student at GMC. Since January of this year i was not attending school because of exclusion. College informed of returning in Spring 2010 however they denied it later on. Currently I'm in deep depression because of losing my Academic and Immigration Status!!
    IN order to reinstate I-20 visa i had to attend college. Sarcastic thing about this i had only 6month left to graduate.
    Any advises or stories you can share please, help out!!
    They have our future in their hands and instead of supporting,they disgrace us!!


    P.s. All payments for college comes straight from my pocket and no vehicle transportation either, just bicycle

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  • tricolor
    06-20 07:48 PM
    Companies can change their address after filing your 485 and there is no reason to intimate USCIS if the company's address change. BUT make sure your address is correct on their system. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT


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  • kirupa
    04-22 05:22 PM
    Cr's comments are really good mxn. I also don't know how well the background colors suit your text right now :)

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  • Toni Braxton and her 7 year

  • trueguy
    03-15 02:09 PM

    Please delete this thread.



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  • hemendrac
    08-03 02:43 PM

    I have an interview scheduled for my H1B revalidation stamping at the Mumbai consulate next week. My son will be accompanying me for his H4 stamping.

    My wife is already in the US(she travelled using her AP).

    The FAQ page of the Chennai consulate says that incase both parents are not accompanying the child for the interview, then the absent parent must submit a signed and notarized 'no objection certificate' to the parent going for the interview. There is no such mention on the Mumbai consulate FAQ page.

    Question - Does this apply in my case - since my wife is already in the US ?

    Thanks for the help.

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  • Anway, this 29-year-old

  • waiting_4_gc
    01-19 01:07 PM
    Hello Gurus,

    I got my EAD in 2007 and have been working for the sponsoring employer till now (Of course on EAD). Now I found a new opportunity w/ an excellent pay.

    My designation and responsibilities at new employer are pretty much same as the current one but I see the difference in the salary --It is two times(2X) the current salary.

    Is it OK if I accept this position with double salary?

    Thanks for your time.


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  • zinfa321
    12-11 03:55 AM
    I am on H1B visa. I have completed my last project and now on bench from mid of Nov'09. My employer (desi consultant) had asked me to send an Application for Unpaid leave so that he can maintain my H1b status. I sent a vacation letter for 2 Weeks and for which he has not paid me a bench salary. Now again he is asking me to submit another letter of unpaid vacation until the date I will get my next project.

    My dilemma is how long should I entertain such requests from him and if in case I refuse to go on vacation what are my chances of being laid-off?

    Will Employer loose any of his eligibility like no new H1/GC petition for short future up on lay off?

    Thanks in advance!

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  • desitechie
    01-08 06:21 PM
    I94 date doesnt matter for entry on AP as parolee status.

    Just continue on H1 or EAD whichever you have been using and keep extending AP too for travel.


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  • GCAmigo
    12-21 08:16 PM
    Hello IVians,

    I am not fully aware of all the benefits of having EAD after filing 485. If you have the knowledge about it could you please list down it in this thread.


    as of now it lets the spouse to start working.. & then the not too fancy AC21 portability.. Advanced Parole for trvael outside the US etc..
    in terms of GC its just another waiting phase..

    EAD - Enter Another Delayed process....

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  • lovish_21
    07-27 03:02 PM

    I have concurrent filed I140 and 485 in Aug 2007. My I 140 is still pending. Can some one let me know what could be the reason. Is there any one whose i140 is pending since last three years.I am worried because processing time is around 4-6 months.Any help in this regard will be appriciated.



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  • dreamydeb
    07-14 03:28 PM
    My situation is not very urgent, but I like to stay on top of things. Thanks in advance for your help, it is much appreciated.

    My F1 visa expires on July 6 of 2011. However, I have an I-20 that permits me to stay in the United States until August 31st of 2012. The reason for this is that I came here as a master's student, but transferred to a PhD program. This is my second I-20.

    I have plans to leave for India in May of 2011 and stay until end June 2011. Will it be necessary for me to apply for an F1 Visa extension? Technically I'll be back by July 6, but will it be problematic to get back without a renewed visa because there are only a few days remaining on the old visa? Again, as per the I20 I can stay legally here until August 2012. Is it difficult to renew the F1 visa? All this is almost a year from now but I'm getting quite stressed about the situation. I cannot certainly finish my degree by July 2011.

    I humbly seek any information/advice anyone can provide on this. Thanks again for your time and attention.

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  • My 2nd semester junior year

  • ramaonline
    02-21 06:05 PM
    listing on Caljobs site shld be ok for california


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  • dahai
    03-10 05:14 PM

    My wife has received the ASC notice of biometric appointment. But I did not. She filed as dependent of my concurrent I-140 + I-485 case. I am wondering if there is anything wrong. Should we receive the notice together? Or it is normal to have seperate appointments? Then how long could be the interval between the notices? Anyone in the same situation before? Could I find it out by Infopass appointment?


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  • The 16-year-old Victorious

  • ravi98
    03-08 09:08 AM
    Angelo Paparelli on Dysfunctional Government: Granular and Possibly Grand Immigration Reform (

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  • myk110
    02-08 04:12 PM
    Please help me. I am in a really odd situation.

    My I797 expires on Feb 10th (in 2 days!). My company did not know of the iCert change. iCert denied the first 2 LCA attempts for FEIN and prevailing wage issues. The new LCA (3rd attempt) won't have a result until the 15th.

    My i-94 and visa has expiration of in Oct 2011 (stamping officer's mistake). But I know, we can't rely on their mistakes.

    What can I do? Please advice..

    05-01 08:50 PM
    Dear Members,

    Recently my husband had received an RFE on I-485 requesting information about his employment verification letter. He had sent all documents back to USCIS and today, I saw an update on my case. The message read that case processing resumed and there will be a decision or update made in 60 days.

    Do you know what kind of decision they usually make? Is it normal to have such statements written up for a denial or approval?

    Any words of comfort would help. My husband is the primary applicant.

    Thanks a ton!


    12-24 08:22 PM
    I have a situation here.
    I am on H1B visa and just changed my job in September.
    My H1B transfer (thru my new company) was approved and according to USCIS website, they have dispatched my 797-Notice of Action. But I am yet to receive those papers.
    Now, I was on extension of H1B earlier (thru my old company), as my stamped visa expired.
    Now, my spouse needs to visit India urgently. Can she travel to India with her old I-94 (the one that was stapled on the passport when she entered US the last time) and the other I-94 that she has with the visa extension papers ?? Of course, once we get the new Form 797, I shall also travel to India and we both will get our visa stamping done before we travel back to USA. Please suggest...

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